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Technology Websites: What’s involved
Technology Websites: What’s involved

Technology Websites: What’s involved

Hi Everyone:

I looked at a site in Edmonton today. I notice they’re using a theme called Jupiter.

Here are a couple of demos of that WordPress theme.

A potential client called me and was asking about my design services and how much it would cost to setup a WordPress website, find and install a theme suitable for a Tech IT company and then finally port all of their pages over to the new installation. My thoughts on that were why not see what I can do in 2 days @ 60/hr that works out to $960.00.

They don’t have much content so I can port that over quickly, then set it up and then get the taxonomy of categories and tags done. Then I’m sure I will have enough time to write a few good posts.


They had someone else on the side for writing posts. My idea is why not have both of us write a weekly post for a few weeks. A little posting competition. 😉 Good for everyone to get some competition going.

Tags and Categories: Taxonomy

The tags and categories will go a long way to creating the keywords for SEO. Companies looking to grow their IT business, I notice, are looking for developers like me to launch website services for their clients. I could start by writing a post about that, [this one].

Here is a page with categories. You don’t need that many. Think about your business’s core competencies and then those become the categories for your blog. So you post about what you do and post about what you know. Preemptive marketing so you become the guru.

Example of a Category/Tag/Menu Taxonomy

  • Virtual Machines
  • Computer/Terminal Service
  • LAN/WAN Administration and Support
  • Physical Networks
  • Routers
  • Cloud
  • Digital Marketing and Design ♥
  • WordPress Development ♥ ♥ ♥

The tags are more numerous so each category may spawn say 3-7 tags.

Those are some ideas for you to consider. If you (yes I mean you, my net client) want to go ahead I can start the work on an installation of WordPress on my server or my localhost and when you get hosting set up I will port it over no problem. I can also recommend some excellent hosting companies for you to look at or I can host it for you on my server.


Next you need to decide on a theme and you may need to buy some stock photography. Find images that you think convey an honest representation of your business. Attractive people in offices are okay but everyone knows it a farce and they are just models and do not really work for your IT company.

Why not….

Why not have a few of those like people shaking hands but have images that focus on the technology? A theme like Jupiter has large hero images so we can scrape them from Google Images but a few bucks spent on stock photography from a site like Shutterstock will make a world of difference. I like to see my clients get involved in their website development as much as possible but if you don’t have time for this I understand, I can do all of that myself.

Let me know what you think. Be Frank. I’ll scrape your site into a minimalistic theme to start because it’s easy to switch themes and it has no effect on the content. Then you can pull the trigger and away we go on the evolutionary path to the next stage of technological development.

Cheers and best regards;
Tim Helmer, NextStageX

Notes for Sunday October 16th

I’ve decided to do a tech co mockup for my demo’s. Not may free themes that offer all of the features though.

ITech Service Professionals

Hi Tech demands Tech IQ

Many of the premium themes being offered are just clones and are really not very good. Others on the hand are state of the Art in digital media.

Here is a short list of websites that have extensive offerings including custom post types and just about every technology imaginable baked right in. I can’t have these as direct http links because they will load data and go berserk on my site….

  1. The first site is a company that has only one theme. It’s called Unicode and has a mega-menu that links internally to all of the various functions and templates that the Theme is JAM PACKED WITH! Take some time to browse around, there’s a lot to see.
    View Unicode
  2. This next Theme is called X. This theme comes with a more minimalistic feel at first but once you drill down you begin to see the power of X and the endless design possibilities. A good designer could turn just one of these premium Themes into a full time career.
    View X

This element has a repeat-y for infinite scrolling.

Have a look….  [this page is 5000px high so you need to operate two vertical scroll bars to see the repeat in the y-axis]

Notes for Monday October 17th

Keep coming back to this post [Bookmark] if you’re interested in this topic, updates will continue until I’ve flogged the topic to death.

Cheers and have a great week…



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