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Technology Websites: What’s involved
Technology Websites: What’s involved

Technology Websites: What’s involved

Hi Everyone:

I looked at a site in Edmonton today. I notice they’re using a theme called Jupiter.

Here are a couple of demos of that WordPress theme.

A potential client called me and was asking about my design services and how much it would cost to setup a WordPress website, find and install a theme suitable for a Tech IT company and then finally port all of their pages over to the new installation. My thoughts on that were why not see what I can do in 2 days @ 60/hr that works out to $960.00.

They don’t have much content so I can port that over quickly, then set it up and then get the taxonomy of categories and tags done. Then I’m sure I will have enough time to write a few good posts.


They had someone else on the side for writing posts. My idea is why not have both of us write a weekly post for a few weeks. A little posting competition. 😉 Good for everyone to get some competition going.


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